About standart DVB-T2

DVB-T2 is an abbreviation for “Digital Video Broadcasting – Second Generation Terrestrial”; it is the extension of the television standard DVB-T, issued by the consortium DVB, devised for the broadcast transmission of digital terrestrial television. DVB has been standardized by ETSI.

This system transmits compressed digital audio, video, and other data in “physical layer pipes” (PLPs), using OFDM modulation with concatenated channel coding and interleaving. The higher offered bit rate, with respect to its predecessor DVB-T, makes it a system suited for carrying HDTV signals on the terrestrial TV channel (though many broadcasters still use plain DVB-T for this purpose).

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To view digital TV DVB-T2 required reception antenna and a digital receiver (tuner, set-top-box). The set of equipment depends on the model of TV. For TVs will only antenna (outdoor or indoor), since many manufacturers build into their TV DVB-T2 receivers. TV old model, including the old “CRT”, as well as LCD panels of previous generations, the necessary set, in which in addition to the antenna, there is also the receiver.

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The sets “TV Future”

Saratov Electromechanical plant “REMO”, offers consumers a wide range of equipment for reception of digital TV standards DVB-T/T2 is the indoor and outdoor antennas, amplifiers, as well as ready-made kits, which include digital receivers, antennas, cables, etc. In trading networks these kits can be found under the title “TV Future Indoor” and “TV Future Outdoor”. In those regions where it is already started broadcasting in the DVB-T2 standard, our partners can offer the sets “TV Future Indoor DVB-T2” and “TV Future TV Outdoor DVB-T2”. The receiver, which is included with these kits you can receive broadcasts of both standards.

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